How To Set Up an AirBnB

Setting up an Airbnb consists of these main steps:

    1. Check Local Laws – Ensure that the State, County, and City your property is in permits short-term rentals, and if they do, learn about the legal requirements.
    2. Check Your Zoning – Often zoning alone prohibits the rental of properties for stays of less than 30 days (almost all AirBnB stays are less than 30 days).
    3. Comply With Regulations – If you are in a zone that permits short-term rentals, find out if you need to have ADA compliance, hard-wired smoke detectors, or any other physical changes to the property.
    4. Get Permits & Pay Taxes – It’s often required to have State, County, and City permits and remit transient use taxes in areas that do permit short-term rentals.
    5. Furnish & Decorate the Property –  Furnish the property as if someone could move in just by bringing clothes & a toothbrush. You’ll get higher rates and occupancy if your place is trendier and more photographable. People are making booking selections mainly based on the images you place in the listing.
    6. Linens – Buy high quality linens (we recommend 3-Par, or 3 sets of linen per bed), and towels. Don’t cut corners here!  High-quality linens and towels make for happy guests.
    7. Stock the Property –  Stock the property with linens on beds with beds made, towels (we recommend 1.5 towels per person per stay), and any soap, shampoo, coffee/tea, etc. that you might provide guests.
    8. List the Property –  We recommend using AirDNA,, Beyond Pricing, or a similar algorithmic pricing tool to dynamically price your property. We also recommend listing on as many channels as you can manage. A good start would be Airbnb, Homeaway/VRBO,, &  There are channel management software options like Guesty and Lodgify that help manage multiple channels for a fee.

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