AirBnB Cleaning Fees

Airbnb Cleaning Fees are set by the host, and are a separate charge from the nightly rate. They can vary in amount and are a included on almost all vacation rental platforms.

We used to be hosts ourselves and we found that Cleaning Fees can actually be a tool to encourage longer stays. A $100 Cleaning Fee spread out over a week is just $14.28 per day; if the guest is staying one night it’s much more of an impact to their total cost.

If you are a host check out other listings in your neighborhood to find out what the market price is for Cleaning Fees on a per-bedroom basis to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples. Your Cleaning Fee pricing strategy depends on if you’d rather have longer or shorter stays. Shorter stays can get you more bookings by making more nights available on your calendar.

Some hosts use the Cleaning Fee as a tool to make extra profit by charging higher than other hosts in their area. We don’t recommend this practice as guests can be irritated by large upcharges that make their total far more than they were expecting to pay. We think the best practice is to set your Cleaning Fee in the same range as others in your area.

In Miami we’ve found the prevailing market rates to be: $75-$125 for a Studio or 1BR, $100-$150 for a 2BR, and $175-$225 for a 3BR.

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